Our Story

CH2E was launched with the vision of diverting carbon based waste streams from landfills into recycling processes which derive a higher value end user commodity.

Today, CH2E owns and operates the largest waste tire monofill in North America (previously known as Tire Mountain), ensuring access to a virtually unlimited supply of recyclable material.

CH2E Waste Tire Monofill and Tire Recycling Center in Hudson, Colorado

CH2E's tire recycling facility, just north of the City of Denver, Colorado processes tens of thousands of tons of waste tires, often times within hours of being received at the monofill.

Using tried and true technologies, the waste tires are recycled into a variety of end user materials including tire derived fuel, tire derived aggregate and many sizes of crumb rubber.

This recycled rubber material is processed into feedstock for manufactured products, such as flooring additives and coatings, erosion control, perimeter management and vehicle tracking, used in a variety of markets including oil and gas, construction, agriculture and equestrian.

Yes, waste tires can do all that. And more.

Our Team

Armed with a staff of equipment operators, maintenance mechanics, and a capable logistics team, CH2E has transformed a tire dump into a state-of-the art, well managed and fully compliant waste tire recycling facility.

Tire Haulers

CH2E invites you to join the the waste tire recycling industry and make recycling a tire as common as recycling newspapers and pop bottles.

CH2E holds the following registrations with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE):

  • Waste Tire Facility Monofill CDPHE 389
  • Waste Tire Facility End User & Processor CDPHE 1969

CH2E accepts tire drop-offs from registered tire haulers only.

Register with the State of Colorado as a Waste Tire Hauler and start recycling tires with us today!