Synthetic Lawn & Playground Flooring

Crumb rubber is used as a primary base layer material underneath a synthetic lawn.

Playground flooring is formed utilizing a variety of recycled rubber materials.

Equestrian Floor & Filling

Various sizes of crumb rubber are used to amend flooring fill in equestrian arenas.

Long lasting and durable, this fill can reduce shock to the limbs, thereby reducing the concussion rate.

Tire Derived Fuels (TDF)

Recycled waste tires are processed into material used as fuel  in various manufacturing applications.

Cement kilns often times utilize TDF as a higher BTU value alternative to coal.

Erosion Control & Perimeter Management

Recycled waste tires are processed into various sized material, including crumb rubber, which is used in the oil and gas, construction and agriculture industries.

Covering storm drains during road construction, managing erosion and directing stormwater flow can all be accomplished using waste tire materials.